Matrugaya at Bindu Sarovar

Detail Information

SIDHPUR is known as MATRUGAYA Kshetra is situated in PATAN district of GUJARAT state.Bhagavan Parshuram had perform Pind Dan dedication of his mother in the past so pilgrims from all over India to Siddhpur for performing this pooja. On the bank of Bindu Sarovar, Pindadan and Shradh ceremony are performed. Learned Brahmin who have been educated and trained to perform this special type of pooja is always available in SIDHPUR.



Bindu Sarovar, Siddhpur is also called as Matru Gaya Kshetra. at this place devotees will perform Shraaddha Karyas. It is said that at Bindu Sarowar Lord Parshuram performed ‘Matru Shraddh’ at the Bindu Sarovar and his temple is also created here for darshan. Bindu Sarovar simply means a lake of drops, Believed that Lord Mahavishnu’s tears have fallen in this lake. Bindu sarovar, sidhpur place is Kapil maharshi’s taposthal at this point he teaches moksha gyana to his mother.

Best Season to Visit

October to March.

How To Reach

Taxi : Private Taxies are available from railway station and airport to reach this sight.

Bus : Siddhpur is well connected by road from all important major town and cities of Gujarat. Regular bus services are available from Ahmadabad and Mehsana to Siddhpur. One can also reach Siddhpur by taxi or cab from Ahmadabad in about two hour journey.

Train : The broad gauge railway line connecting Mumbai to Delhi passes through Siddhpur. Aravali Express train(19707 ) come from the Mumbai, Maharastra which come daily reached Siddhpur by 7.30 am early in the morning. Bindu Sarovar Distance around 2 km from Sidhpur Railway Station to Sri Bindu Sarovar Matru Gaya Kshethram. People can easily reach at Bindu Sarovar Sidhpur. Siddhapur is a railway station on Ahmedabad-New Delhi railway line.

Air : The Nearest airport is Ahmedabad, situated at a distance of 111 km. One can also reach Siddhpur by taxi or cab from Ahmadabad in about two hour journey.