1Siddhpur is also known as Sri-sthal or a “pious place”. It is mentioned in the Rig Veda to be existing at that time as the Dashu village. The legend is that the great sage Vyashya had donated his bones to God Indra here at Siddhpur. Siddhpur is also believed to be located at the junction of two rivers Ganges and Saraswati. Even in the Mahabharata, the great Indian epic, it is mentioned that the Pandavas had visited the place while they were in exile. During the 4-5th A.D a large number of people settled in this part. They were Gurjara people from Iran. Ancient Sristhal was haitant of sages Kandarma Rushi, and all Seven Saptarshi, Vashistha,Gautam,Jamdgni,Bharadwaj,Kashyap,Vishvamitra,Atri married daughters of Kandarm and Devhuti.Worship place of Devshankarbapa of Audichya Sahstra Brahmin was in 20 century and siddhpith esyablished on River Sarswati.

vanraj_chavda_gujarat_rulerAround the 10th century, under Solanki rulers, the city was at the zenith of fame and glory. The ruler Siddhraj Jaisingh built his capital at Siddhpur, thus the name Siddhpur which literally means Siddhraj’s town. He built a temple dedicated to Shiva, and also beautiful palaces and one huge tower, some say of 80 metres long. He also brought large numbers of Brahmins from Mathura and had them settled here. During the 12th century Muhammed Ghori destroyed the town on his way to Somnath. Around 30,000 people were killed in the raid, and the Solanki empire was destroyed.The climate of Siddhpur is continental. The summer season is hot and dry, with temperature in the range of 40s. While in winter it is pleasant with temperatures in 20s. The average annual rainfall is 40-50 inches. Great place to visit,

Bindu-sarowar: mentioned in rig-veda and considered pious by Hindus.

Lord Kapil had founded Sankhya sastra ,and Mother Devhuti got Moksha, Explained the Sankhya Darsan by his son (Kapila) on the Saraswati bank: Since the Mauksha of Devhuti established this place Bidu sarovar in Siddhpur a only place in India where Matru-shradh is being carried out, thus thousands of people come here annually to perform the rituals for their dead mothers. in month of Kartike of Hindu calender.

History says the Lord Parshuram had worship here for his sins and done the Matrushradh for his Mother . Rig-Ved mentioned for ancient Sristhal and Sarswati river .Siddhpur.\his are the magnificent and beautiful havelies or medieval homes of Bohra traders. They are famous for their delicate wooden architecture and interior decoration of medieval style of India.

7zsrd4xjSidhpur_MehsanajpgArvadeswar temple of Lord Shiv at Siddhpur is a very ancient place of Nath sampraday in this place Late Devshankarbapa Bhatt who had worshiped 50 years and Died in 1978. The Siddhpith is established by Devshankarbapa.Where vedic activities, archana of Lord shiv like Laghurudra, Maharudra, Atirudra . Daily Agnihotra and Gaytrima chants is being carried out by Brahmin Priest Shri Vikrambhai Pancholi at present.At Siddhpith annually pilgrims/Devotees from India come at Birth ,Death anivesary of Devshankarbapa. Siddhpith had a place of Rushi Kandarm “s worship spot, and evidence of ancient history being the Lord Brahma'”s visit .